Stop! Don't let this pain continue! Forget Mr Married Book

It's unhealthy, and you need to make a change (positive one)... before it's too late

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You can't stand him...nor the pain. But everytime you want to leave, you can't think of anything else but his smile, words, the intimacy, and you just can't stand imagining yourself living without him.
  • You know you deserve better, and you want to find real love...but you feel so restricted in your love life.
  • You are powerless and way too scared to move on.
  • You are hurting but yet you can't let go.
  • You have now decided to take control and get the life you deserve. Whatever it takes...you are here to reclaim your life.

Now if it sounds like you... let's start now!

From the desk of:
Sally Webb

Ok, it's painful! Every day is just the same old "When are you leaving her?" "Just be more patient..."

*Sigh* You can't even tell your friends or anyone. The society just doesn't accept the whole mistress thing. I mean...come on!

You already feel so bad and devastated in your every day the fact that the man you love chooses to share himself between you and his wife. And no one seems to understand this vulnerabilities and pain.

But Guess What? You're not alone...and more importantly:

You CAN break free and Leave...or make him yours

No matter what, you're not going to share the man in your life and that's the bottom line.

Look. I'm not gonna lie to you. Whether or not you end up with this man really depends on situation and circumstances.

I mean let's face it. Some relationships work out, and some relationships simply are not meant to be. Some married man are just too scared to leave - or never had the intention to.

But staying with him when he's not making any decision to leave his other life is only going to hurt you more - your self esteem, your life, and your Future.

"Webb is a powerful writer and writes in a way that is both informative and entertaining and never lecturing. We all know women who have been cheated on many of us know "the other woman." This book will help both types of women in different ways as the author explains why women are content to be involved with married men. Hopefully this book will inspire a few women involved with married men to realize they deserve better."
Jennifer S
GA United States

So Cut to the chase...and prepare yourself.

Get ready for a better you, onto the road of recovery.

No judgement, no blame. Just facts and support system.

And for the record, I wrote this book because I was once stuck in the same emotional turmoil. I felt like I was going crazy. I've tried everything...and I ended up going back again and again. I needed that support group. I needed something to hold...

Just something to stop me from going back to the same sh*t hole again.

And I can tell you it's not easy. You'd need to first decide that you want to get out of this TOXIC addiction in the form of Mr Married.

Maybe it was adventurous at the start. Maybe it feels great and maybe the relationship is exciting at times. But know that the pain that comes with the relationship is simply NOT worth it.

forget mr married
He's Not That Into You: Anna and Ben(Mr Married)

Forget Mr Married - You have a life waiting for you.

Download a copy and get out of this toxic addiction.

  • Get rid of the whole pain for good. Being stuck in the relationship with Mr Married stops you from having a life that you deserve. Trust me, you don't really know Mr Married as much as you think. He doesn't even worth the pain you're feeling every day.
  • Focus on you and discover yourself. If you haven't realised already, you are living your day to day life like a living zombie. At times you're only waiting by the phone ... waiting for it to ring and hope that he's got a spare 5 minutes to talk to you. Ok, no more of that.
  • Have hope and know the misery will end. Time will heal, but support is priceless as it would help making the time you need to heal less miserable.
  • Fall in love again - with a man who DESERVES you. Gain confidence and all your self-esteem back. I know you've lost some (or most) of it during your relationship with Mr Married...and you might think you only have him for your support. But no. It's possible to love again. After all, you want a guy who you don't need to share with somebody else don't you?
  • Most importantly, Set Your Heart Free. You will feel the difference. You will feel so free and light. You'll feel like a big burden is lifted off your shoulder. And you'll remember what it's like to really live again

So Don't wait any longer. It's time to reclaim your life.

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To your Success,

Sally Webb, Relationship Coach

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